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    “My wife and I joined MIM in January 2019. Each one of us for our own reasons. I was over weight and surely not strong enough to run for 6 days with a 12kg back pack. I was running fit but needed strength training. Dean compiled an eating plan for me. I trained twice a week with him and it was very tough the first couple of weeks. My body was sore and my muscles were really stiff. Dean knew he had to start slow and build up as I got fitter and stronger. Always supporting and encouraging me to do my best. The eating worked well. I ate 5 times a day. It was more than enough food per meal - I never felt I was on a diet. Thank you Dean and Crystal for assisting me in preparing for the race. You made a huge difference in my life. “

    Wynand Moller
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    “When I started this journey about 3 months ago, I never imagined that I would see such amazing results! Dean, you’re a toughie, and I would never be able to do it without you pushing me just a little more every time, and not allowing me to give up! Thank you for the encouragement on the tough days, and the support right through the process. Dean and Crystal, you guys make a mean team! “

    Charlene du Plessis



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