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Mi Movement is a revolutionary new, holistic approach to a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. Through circuit, weight and functional EMS training and the power of tried and tested medical science, Mi Movement aims to add value to the lives of our clients and give them a complete 360° transformation or help maintain an already active and healthy lifestyle.


Mi Movement is the manifestation and realization of Nutrition experts, competitive sports athletes and husband and wife team Dean and Crystal Mason.

Mi Movement is the realized vision of passionate athletes and medical practitioners to bring about healthy changes to individuals who want solutions to health and lifestyle challenges that simple gym training won’t provide.


Lifestyle Coach & Pro Fitness Athlete

I am truly passionate about the bodybuilding/fitness industry which is the main driving force behind me. Without that passion I wouldn’t be able to give my all to the sport.
I am constantly setting goals and challenging myself by striving to be the best I can be and reaching my dream goals in the industry.
Another great motivator for me is learning from other successful athletes and legends of the sport.
You can never know too much in this game, it is always evolving and around every corner there is something new to learn.


Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

I would describe myself as fun, loving, kind, friendly, bubbly, positive, helpful, hard working, a mother, a wife and an athlete. I thrive on challenges and making the most of all opportunities that come my way. As a competitive athlete, I enjoy the challenge of getting into shape before a show or shoot and maintaining that during the off-season. As a mother and wife I push myself to be “present” and attentive to both my husband and my daughter… easily as difficult if not more so than getting ready for a show. Being an athlete and family-orientated woman is incredibly demanding and does take a toll, but if you love something the way I love both of these aspects of my (incredibly blessed) life, you realise that hard work and sacrifice is necessary to achieve and maintain this life.


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    “Where to start? So after a lot of motivation from wife, I decided to start training with Dean late in January 2019. I was very unfit and had 22% body fat and no muscle definition. After just more than 4 months, with Dean’s expert guidance, I have managed to get my body fat down to 12%. I have gained 9kg lean mass and my body has gone through a major transformation. I can only say that I am super excited to see what happens in the next 4 months! Just a big thank you to Dean for making this all possible! If you are wondering if you should do it…….. JUST DO IT!!!!“

    Quinton Phillipson
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    “One of the best investments I made two years ago was to start training with Dean and Crystal. Lost more than 22kg and 18% body fat. Not only did they change my lifestyle but they changed me personally. One thing I can say is, if you commit to the training, they invest everything. Will always be grateful. “

    Jaun-Pierre Olivier
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